How To Swallow A Pig: Selected Prose Poems
2001 (ECW)


"This is an excellent collection of prose poems by a wildly creative Canadian poet."

- Alex Boyd, Books in Canada

Priest's surprising and innovative use of language illuminates his prose, making even the dark corners of his coal-black humour sparkle. Such control and measured use of words is necessary to maintain the reader's interest in a collection chock a block full of outrages, painful sexual scenarios and over-the-top slapstick humour. How to Swallow a Pig is not run-of-the-mill Canadian literature, which prizes good feelings and serenity too highly at times. Its energy and irreverence are an invitation and opportunity for readers to take a different path through Canadian writing.

- Nathan Stark, Pulse Niagara: Niagara's weekly alternative

"Certainly the reader ends a book like this changed, having experienced nothing like it previously. The language of rapid-fire Priestian manifesto is accessible to all, making these poems appreciable by the moist brain hats of any spine. This might be the best book in the known world, and in those other-coloured worlds of the alternate dimensions Robert Priest conjures from."

- Laurie Fuhr, bloom oon surrealist journal