Summerlong: Album by the Boinks
1984 (G-tel Records)


"The Boinks are smart and witty and hip kids love their songs. Their space-punk shows are wonderful exercises for the imagination. The Boinks' Summerlong L.P. is sensational."

- The Toronto Sun

"a zany new wave band that tickles the imagination with its space-age lyrics and fanciful imagery."

- Toronto Life

"No other group does what The Boinks do and I can't imagine another one that does it with such care or imagination."

- The Toronto Star

"The record has a science fiction fantasy theme, and is exceptionally well conceived and performed. It may even appeal to any adults within hearing."

- The Globe & Mail

"The songs on Summerlong do not condescend to the little ones lyrically or musically - instead they draw from a broad range of musical styles and poetic imagery to create a delightful and whimsical, yet instructive set that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike."

- Now Magazine

"Playful, sensual and fanciful."

- Quill & Quire

"Delightful entertainment for children of all ages"

- Music Express

"The most inventive entertainment for kids to appear in Toronto in years...All in all this is wonderful, slightly wacky stuff as sophisticated as kids and as naive.

- Performance Magazine

"a special kind of orchestrated mayhem designed to stretch kids' already limber imaginations and tickle their funny bones...The Boinks are providing something unusual in the genre of kiddie pop: A broad spectrum appeal..."

- The Toronto Star