Knights of the Endless Day: The Novel
1993 (Viking)


"Priest has created a remarkable world in Knights of the Endless Day, a world which, like Narnia and Ursula K. Leguin's Earthsea, will remain with the reader long after the book is finished. More than a simple fantasy story, the book is filled with symbols and references that modern children will both comprehend and find meaningful. A book for children to share with the adults they love. Highly Recommended."
- Kelly L. Green (The library Journal)

"Cleverly parodies the heroic epic. Priest's use of language is a pleasure."
- Andrea Deakin, The Vancouver Sun

"Most young readers will love Knights of the Endless Day...While the plot is fantastic, Ogo's realistic character makes this book special."
- Carolyn Heiman, Times Colonist

"Brilliantly hilarious."
- Books in Canada

"A hilarious rollicking spoof of epics."
- Our Choice 1994, The Canadian Children's Book Centre

"Priest offers a politically aware fairy tale whose charm is similar to that which sustains Munsch's Paper Bag Princess. ... Priest raises questions of heroism, gender roles, pacificism and environmentalism. But he is never cloying or pedantic. Sounds improbable, unpalatable? In Priest's capable hands this story is both funny and moving."
- Marnie Parsons, Canadian Children's Literature