Reading the Bible Backwards
2008 (ECW)


"He is the voice of the people and the angels, entwined."

- Barbara Gowdy

"It's a long-playing anthem, a true protest to the ongoing, the ignored, the over watched as the work goes "beyond the cruel reach of resurrection" into the calm acceptance of a vast cyclical renewal. This is a sensational book."

- Nathaniel G. Moore, Broken Pencil

"He is certainly one of the most imaginatively inventive poets in the country...Though he cunningly and entertainingly makes use of the techniques of mass pop art, his work at its best transcends them and enters a world of a wider imagination, and a deeper socially critical commentary"

- Pacific Rim Review of Books

"The guiding thematic spirit of this entertaining collection may be backwardness, but it showcases a poet whose roving imagination is omni-directional."

- The Toronto Star

"Poetic templates Priest calls Meme Splices are used throughout the book to great effect and humour. . . . These clever exercises are not only amusing but can playfully upend the most contrived cultural sound byte, and invest it with new meaning. The poet also gives the funhouse treatment to numerous biblical narratives with irreverent glee. . . . Who knew living backwards could be so progressive?"

- Scene Magazine